A Family Day Care Service
The Nauss House, Inc. is a DCFS licensed home daycare serving the Wheaton area. We use a modern approach to at-home daycare providing structured lessons plans with the flexibility little ones need to be creative. Monthly themes and daily activity will help your child grow and get them ready for school. We continue to provide the wholesome "home daycare" aspects that you have come to love with healthy food choices and gentle personalized care.   
Our Program
  1. Hours
    Hours of operations with guidelines for late or special arrangements.
  2. Themes
    Every month we will have a new theme that ties in the weekly activities. Each theme will be presented to the parents on the monthly calendar that will be provided.
  3. Timeline
    Having a timeline in place helps our little ones learn. Each day we will try our best to stick with the schedule but we will always be flexible with the children's creative needs.
  4. Menu
    Every day the menu will include a wholesome lunch and healthy snacks on hand to fill in the gaps. A monthly menu will be provided.
  5. Fun Time
    Each day will be full of fun and engaging activities. A blend of artistic, educational and physical activities will be encouraged on both an individual and group dynamic.
  6. Rates
    If there is ever a need to review or talk about the guidelines please feel free to reach out to me and set up a time to discuss.
Fun Time
A look inside
  1. Individualized Care
    Individualized Care
  2. Creative Play
    Creative Play
    Involves any object that sparks the imagination and promotes creative expression.
  3. Cooking Time
    Cooking Time
    Including our little ones in cooking activities, opens the door to creativity, numbers, and science.
  4. Meal Time
    Meal Time
    The Nauss House keeps only healthy food options around, it is our goal to stay away from processed foods. Giving our children healthy food now will help them make a healthy life style later in live.
  5. Play Time
    Play Time
    Having games and activities that help the children build their gross motor skills is important for their development. Our strategy of play time is to get them running, jumping and having fun!
  6. Arts & Crafts
    Arts & Crafts
    Not only do arts & crafts ignite the children's creative side but it also can help them focus on their fine motor skills.
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